Golfers at any level appreciate the benefits of innovative workout plans. More endurance, stronger key muscles, and greater flexibility come from safe, effective, and boundary-pushing cardio and strength training programs. 

Weighted vests for golf present fitness multitasking at its finest, combining strength and cardio training in one. Additional resistance from weighted vests adds a new challenge when jogging, lifting weights, or completing bodyweight exercises like Pilates or yoga.

With all the innovations in health and wellness, it can feel hard to keep up. Many golfers ask each other, “will a weighted vest help your golf game?” Read on to learn more about the fundamentals of golf fitness training and the pros and cons of using a weighted vest to train.

What Muscles Are Used In Golf

Calories burned while golfing span between 800–2,000 calories during a standard 18 holes. The wide range depends on whether you walk the course while carrying or pushing your clubs or choose to ride in a golf cart. 

Those yearning for the true golf experience should train to endure an hours-long test of strength and endurance. Several key muscle groups work together to support each golfer. When training to improve your golf game, focus on these areas for results that directly improve your game.


Imagine a beautiful golf swing in your mind. The middle of your body contributes the most to a powerful drive and accurate putt. The muscles considered the core span shoulders to hips and work to stabilize the entire body while your arms and legs do what they need to do.

All of the muscles of the torso, front, back, and sides, are included in core strength, as well as the muscles wrapping around the hips and shoulders. Familiar core muscles include:

  • Abdominals
  • Obliques
  • Hip flexors
  • Pectoralis or “pecs”
  • Trapezius
  • Lumbar muscles
  • Gluteal muscles

Flexibility and strength in core muscles generate the power and stability needed for golf. One of the best ways to improve your swing is to focus on removing stiffness in core muscles. More core flexibility and range of motion contribute to a larger swing producing more torque.

Because golf involves extensive bending, walking, lifting, and rotating over a long period, building core strength remains the best strategy for golf improvement. Strong legs and powerful arms are also important elements of a training regimen, but core work delivers essential results. 

A weight vest can help golfers of all ages and genders

How A Weight Vest Can Help Strengthen the Core

A weight vest consists of a lightweight shell, similar in appearance to a bulletproof vest. These vests feature either small pockets where weights are slipped in or have weights sewn permanently into the vest. Weights with a weight vest may resemble plates or square cartridges.

Fitness enthusiasts and athletes use weight vests to add customizable resistance during a workout. Adding mass to your body exerts many critical functions on endurance and strength. Core muscles strain and breathing becomes labored, both signs of effective exercise.

A weight vest works best when paired with non-sport-specific training movements. Consider adding a weighted vest to your walking or running routine. In addition to endurance and strength, your core muscles work harder to keep balance when you wear a weighted vest.

Wearing a weighted vest is not recommended for sport-specific workouts, like practicing your golf swing. Some experts claim that wearing a weight vest ranks as the worst way to improve a golf swing

This is because sport-specific movements rely heavily on muscle memory. Your body learns the intricacies of your body’s flow, including how your weight shifts, when your arms extend, and how your body shifts with the downswing. Adding weight via a weight vest throws this all off.

If you want to experiment with a weighted vest during your golf training, stick to using them during cardio or when using medicine balls to improve your rotation. Experts recommend keeping your body fitness and golf skills routines separate for best results.


A golfer’s shoulders need specialized attention to achieve the perfect golf swing. An effective shoulder turn and shoulder tilt in golf delivers accurate, straight, and far-flying golf swings.

Stiff shoulders reduce the effectiveness of your swing and lessen your control over the club’s head. Flexibility within shoulder muscles helps deepen the backswing and helps prevent soreness and injury.


Similar to other core muscles, back strength and flexibility contribute directly to a stronger, more fluid golf swing. Back muscles also affect balance and stability while walking long distances. 

For golfers who choose to walk the course with their clubs, building back muscles is essential. Neglecting the muscles in your back, like the latissimus dorsi or “lats,” can lead to injury or soreness while walking the course, bending to putt, or lifting your golf bag.

What Type of Weight Vest Can Strengthen These Muscles

Different weight vests hold a range of weight loads and various shapes of weights, like plates or bars. Some vests are shaped like life vests with a sternum strap, while others appear more like bulletproof vests. Weight limits range from 10 pounds to more than 60 pounds.

As your shoulders and back are part of your body’s core, the advice above applies when strengthening these essential golfing muscles. It is best to keep weighted vests for cardio and bodyweight exercises only, like push-ups, pull-ups, or Pilates.

Compare and contrast different styles of weight vests with varying weight limits. Some vests feature anti-microbial coverings while others are equipped with water bottle holders for extra convenience.

Momentus Weighted Shoulder Turn Vest

The Momentus Weighted Shoulder Turn Vest delivers specialized weighted resistance for golfers. The targeted shoulder weight builds essential muscles to improve your golf game. Most of your core muscles engage with this vest, from your shoulders to back and down to your hips.

What Is It?

The Momentus Weighted Shoulder Turn Vest resembles a swimmer’s life jacket, with a single sternum strap in front. Most of the golfing vest’s weight is distributed on the top of the shoulders and resting on the pectoral muscles. 

How Does It Work

This vest’s design focuses on the critical shoulder turn part of any golfer’s swing. Shoulder rotation and tilt contribute to a powerful, fluid backswing that connects solidly with the ball. A golfer’s shoulders determine if you will have an accurate, solid connection with the ball. 

The Momentus vest strives to build muscles necessary to improve flexibility within the shoulders, chest, and spine and build stronger, longer-lasting core muscles. The maximum weight limit is 10 pounds.


The Momentus Weighted Shoulder Turn Vest delivers resistance to areas of vital importance for golfers, including the shoulder and back. This relatively small weight limit means the Momentus Vest is great for beginners and golfers of all ages.

This vest is very easy to use, with a simple, adjustable front clasp. In addition to golf, this weighted vest is beneficial for other fitness activities too, like walking and bodyweight exercises. 


This golf vest delivers a relatively low weight limit, so some golfers may advance beyond its effectiveness quickly. Also, the price tag for this golf-weighted vest ranks among the highest, especially when considering its use is concentrated on the shoulders instead of the entire chest.


Weighted golf vests deliver the promise of building strength, endurance, and flexibility while you complete your standard fitness routine. This multitasking appeals to golfers in particular, whose sport demands a flexible core, incredible cardio endurance, and powerful arms and legs.

With any strength and cardio training regimen, it is vital to start slowly with weighted vests for golf and build over time. It is recommended to use weighted vests for general fitness and not sport-specific workouts. Still have questions? Comment below!

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