We like the Tone Fitness 12lb Weighted Vest.

The Tone Fitness Weighted Vest is among the best in it’s class. It’s been in existence since 2010 and has racked up thousands of happy customers since.

Weighted vests have taken the world of fitness by storm and millions of people across the US rely on the durability and functionality of these weighted vests to lose weight, build stamina and tone the body. The vests come in either fixed or different weight capacities. The vest serve as powerful instrument to help your body acclimatize to the extra weight you put on your body when doing squats, pushups, pull-ups, running, sprinting and lunging.

The added weight helps push your muscles and stamina a bit further than normal – helping to increase flexibility and strength. On top of that, a weighted vest can also serve as a tool for those who aren’t having any success in losing weight through traditional means, for example, intense diet plans.

Of course, diet goes a long way in helping to keep your body in shape, but combining a good diet and a round of cardiovascular exercises with some extra weight on can expedite the fat burning process – enabling you to sweat more.

When it comes to the best of the best in fixed weighted vest designed for a variety of exercises routines, it doesn’t get any better than the Tone Fitness Weighted Vest. You can wear it when you go out for a jog and you can wear it when you are at the gym pumping some iron.

The vest is designed to provide you with incredible versatility and flexibility. It is comfortable to wear and will never hinder you movements, especially when it comes to weight lifting exercises. With the Tone Fitness vest, it really doesn’t matter what you fitness aim is -you can wear it when doing simple exercises like pull-ups and pushups at your home or when taking your dog out for some light running or brisk walking.

You can even wear the vest when you’re cycling. The point is, once you have it, there is a plethora of ways you can use it to attain the level of fitness you strive for. However, there is nothing more important than to get a professional, high quality weighted vest, which is why the Tone Fitness vest has become so popular in the US.

About The Tone Fitness Weighted Vest

Here are some notable features of this vest:

Boost Your Strength Training Regimen

  • For body builders, there is nothing more important to maintain their body weight and muscle ratio, which means there is no room for fat.
  • The fitness vest can help intensify a majority of compound exercises such as squatting and lunging by putting more stress on your muscles.
  • The more stressed your muscles are during the workout, the more they increase in size after you are done drinking your supplements and eating some health proteins.

High-End Durability

Another reason why you should opt for the Tone Fitness 12lbs training vest is because of the durability is offers. ​One of the major reasons why the vest is durable and comfortable at the same time is because it is designed using soft neoprene. This special material doesn’t leave any marks on your skin no matter how heavy the exercises. The soft materials is durable and you will not feel the straps of the vest sinking deep inside the skin when you are doing your squats or weighted pushups or tricep dips.

Designed With A Pocket To Hold Your iPod Or Mp3 Player

This is perhaps one of the best things about the fitness vest. While a majority of other vests has very limited space to store anything – and most don’t have any pockets at all – the Tone Fitness Weighted Vest comes with a dedicated pocket where you can easily and safely place your iPod or Mp3 player while listening to your favorite songs and doing some serious weight lifting or running. This is important feature, especially when you consider going out for a fresh morning jog with the headphones. This is a unique selling point of the product.

Designed With Reflective Strips

This is another feature that emphasizes more on safety than on functionality. The fact of the matter is there are so many people who prefer to go on a jog when the sun begins to set. And while you are out jogging at the side of the road, you need to able to be safe from being hit by a car. The reflective strips serve as an effective warning to cars and other motorists, telling them that there is a person walking or running at the side of the road. The reflective strips come in handy if you are out cycling at night.

One Size For Most Body Types

The vest is designed to fit most body types but not all. However, it is designed for both men and women regardless of having normal or athletic physique. For people with slightly bigger waists, the product will be an uncomfortable fit.

12lbs Weight Capacity

This is only designed to support 12lbs worth of weight. It cannot be customized and the brand doesn’t offer the product in different weight categories..

What Others Say

The product enjoys great reviews on Amazon. A lot of them were happy with how utterly comfortable the vest despite being 12lbs.

Others were amazed by how versatile the product is as they were able to wear for a variety of different types of exercises. One buyer stated that the material is quite soft and doesn’t hurt at all when jogging or weight lifting.


Buying Advice

The best part about the product is the fact you can get it cheap and quickly on Amazon with free shipping. At the current price point and having such cutting-edge features, the product is bound to be a success. However, always ensure you buy a first-hand product. Compare prices with different sellers, but make sure the product is brand new and not used.

Final Verdict

With such a budget-friendly price and impressive functionality – the Tone Fitness 12lbs weighted vest is a must buy for fitness freaks.

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