wear weighted tactical vest on airplane

You love your weighted vest.

I mean, you wear it almost everywhere. There are so many benefits to wearing a weighted vest, and you’ve gotten used to using it throughout the day.

But now you have an upcoming flight scheduled. It occurred to you – you don’t know if it’s ok to fly with your vest?

Is it ok to fly with a weighted vest?

It is ok to bring your weighted vest onboard the plane. However, it gets a little murky once you get into the details of how you bring your vest for your airplane ride. Lets go into each situation in more detail.

Can you check your weighted vest for a flight?

Yes, you can check your weighted vest for flights in the US. This is the method that will likely involve the least amount of hassle for your trip – especially if someone unskilled might consider it a tactical vest.

If you pack your vest in your luggage and check it, you won’t have to deal with the TSA checkpoint. The acceptance depends on the policy of the individual airlines. As of 2022, all US airlines allow weighted vests to be put in checked luggage.

There is a downside to checking – your luggage has weight restrictions. Depending on the weight of the plates you pack, you may have to pay an overwieght luggage fee. Check with your airline before flying if you are concerned.

Can you carry on your weighted vest?

Yes, you are allowed to bring your weighted vest as a carry-on item. However, it must go through the TSA checkpoint. This is where you will likely have more problems with flying and wearing your vest.

You will need to remove your vest from your carry-on luggage at the security checkpoint. The TSA screeners will need to X-ray your vest separately from your other belongings.

They may also need to physically inspect your vest. This usually involves taking out the plates and looking through the empty pockets.

You should expect a few extra minutes at the checkpoint when flying with a weighted vest. But as long as you are cooperative with the screeners, there shouldn’t be any problems.

Can you wear your weighted vest on a plane?

This is where things get a little tricky. Can you actually wear your weighted vest on the plane?

The answer is – it depends on the airline. Some airlines will allow you to keep your vest on during the flight, while others will require you to take it off. Check with your airline for the most up-to-date policy information before heading out to the airport.

When going through security, you will have to take off your vest and put it in a bin. The X-ray machine will scan your vest, but because of the weight plates, it may trigger an alarm.

This is not necessarily a bad thing – the TSA officer will just need to do a manual inspection of your vest. This shouldn’t take too long, but it may add a few minutes to your screening process. Plan accordingly.

What about international flights?

The same rules apply for international flights as they do for domestic flights. You are allowed to bring your weighted vest as a carry-on or checked item. But wearing it on the plane is up to the individual airline.

Of course, we haven’t checked with every country – so there might be some outliers that ban the transportation of weighted vests on planes. If you are concerned, check with the transportation department of whatever country you are flying into to be sure.

Now You Know About Flying With Weighted Vests

Flying with a weighted vest can be a little tricky, but as long as you are aware of the airline’s policies and what is required at the TSA checkpoint, you should have no problems. Remember to check in advance about any possible overweight luggage fees and to pack your vest according to the weight restrictions of your airline. Happy flying!

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